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Point being, I played nearly every game in the MMO and
ojmfgci6383 MMO like genres since the
inception of the genre, and gvsflxa74321
I generally very strong at reverse engineering design patterns and underlying mechanics and brgtetb13156 writing useful
guides. For example, ldlfsji93967 (as
Red Monika) I was part of the team that reverse engineered the
Taper System of magic in Asheron Call, pakadji27477
which was a nasty system based on three different modulo 12 algorithms.

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ebncmeg69384 rkflcbb84822 Point being, qfsesfh90309 oqxcvwr58244 fkwbkyf44724 I hmhwapo28770 played nearly every game in rcskduw30305 the MMO ljbepln32718 and buvktkk94314
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